About Horween Chromexcel

About Horween Chromexcel

Accurate Form uses Chromexcel from Horween.Chromexcel, which is manufactured by Horween in the US for uppers such as work boots, is currently manufactured in 10 colors.It has a natural color and shows an excellent match for antique watches.

Chromexcel is cow leather and is a combination of chrome and tannins. By including 4 kinds of fats and oils in abundance, it has both robustness and flexibility. It feels a little different from other cowhide. The more you use it, the deeper the taste comes out. One of the features of this Chromexcel is "color changing". Pinch and bend to change the color lightly. If you put it back on its surface and blend it into the surface, the color will return to its original shape. When I put it on my arm, it shows a light and shade and it is very cool.

Also in Accurate Form,the same material is used for the lining, and it is made in a luxurious matchless style. Most watch straps often use different materials for the front and back sides, which is primarily due to cost and manufacturing considerations. With Accurate Form, you can enjoy the best of Chromexcel to the fullest with "Musou" finish(means using same material for lining). You can enjoy the texture of solid leather. It's a great atmosphere, so it's one you should definitely try.

It will be your own strap over time. We hope you enjoy it with your watch.

Horween Chrome xcel strap

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