A wooden watch case with magnetic shielding specifications has been completed.

A wooden watch case with magnetic shielding specifications has been completed.

A high-quality wooden watch case created through a collaboration between Japan's leading furniture manufacturer "Tendo" and our watch accessory brand "Accurate Form." After about a year of planning and repeated prototyping, we were finally able to create a product that we were satisfied with. This product has two types of specifications. One is"Watch & Jewelry Case", the other is a special specification with magnetic shielding performance."A-MAG watch case"is. There are two types of trees and two sizes: regular and large.


 ■ History of development
There are many electronic devices around us that generate strong magnetism, such as computers and mobile phones. Vintage watches have little protection against magnetic forces. If a watch becomes magnetized, it may no longer keep accurate time and repairs may be costly and time consuming. Dealers and advanced collectors may carry a large number of watches in their bags, along with their computers and cell phones. At that time, we heard many requests for a case that protects the watch from magnetism and shock, and in order to meet these requests, we decided to develop a watch case with a magnetic shielding function. In addition, for those who do not need such specifications, we have also produced watch and jewelry cases that do not have magnetic shielding properties to keep costs down.

Regular size


large size


I think this is a wonderful case that will protect your precious collection of vintage watches and jewelry while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful wood grain that gives it a very luxurious feel. We would be happy if you could try it.

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