Accurate Form Showroom New Open on April 19, 2024

Accurate Form Showroom New Open on April 19, 2024

Accurate Form is a watch accessory brand operated by Curious Curio. The showroom has now opened half a floor below Curious Curio. In addition to the previous products, mass-produced types include cowhide and nylon straps. We also have a variety of rare exotic leathers and colorful cowhide available for custom-made items. You can also actually hold the A-MAG watch case, which was jointly developed by Accurate Form and Tendo Mokko.

+4 Building, 26-7-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel / Fax: 03-6712-6933
Opening hours: 15 hours to 20 hours
Closed: Monday/Tuesday


🔳Interior design concept

The Accurate Form attached to Curio Scurio is green, while the image color of Curio Scurio is green, while Accurate Form is burgundy. Curio Scurio is a Scandinavian vintage design based on natural wood, and the Accurate form is black steel, with a European mid-century modern design concept.

The wall that decorates the belt is entirely coated with aluminum punching metal that has been painted black. Rather than using fixtures to decorate the space, we envisioned the wall itself becoming a fixture. A brass nail with a black-painted head is driven into the punched hole and is hung there. The underlying wall is also black, so even if you replace the nails, the marks will not be noticeable, allowing for flexible rearrangement.
The windows are fitted with wooden doors inlaid with oblong perforated metal to create a sense of unity throughout.

Vintage items by mid-century designers were chosen for the tables, chairs, and lights.

The carpet, curtains, and sash at the entrance are all burgundy, but Curio Curio has them green. Although the atmosphere is completely different, we incorporate vintage items and use the same colors to make this the design code.

Wild bomb cookie to commemorate the opening! I received a picture as a gift from Mr. This is also displayed in the store, so you can take a look.

The design incorporates a clock, and the girl's hat and hair are inspired by a wristwatch. The crown is the focal point. The dial features a British military broad arrow. In addition, the pendant is pocket watch-shaped, and the Curio Scurio mark is drawn on the dial. To the left of the octopus is the "C" for Curious Curio.

The base is a green color reminiscent of the military, with accent colors of light blue and red. The octopus is also known as a lucky charm because its kanji can be translated as ``good luck.'' In addition, the octopus has eight legs, meaning the number ``eight'' widens at the end, and the building where the showroom is located is called the ``+8 Building,'' and the floor plan of the rooms is a regular octagon. It's the perfect design composition for Curio Curio. The girl's facial expressions are so nice that you can stare at them for a long time. Canvas size is F8 (10mm✖️530mm).
Since I had extra canvas, I was able to draw one more piece. I'm so happy! The words "CURIOUS CURIO" are drawn across the screen. This is also military green, typical of Curios Curio, and the face of the shop owner, Hagiwara, is painted in light blue. This exquisite coloring is difficult to achieve. We also displayed this in our showroom. The canvas size is extra large F1 (50mm✖️1167mm).
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