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Accurate Form

Accurate Form / Bonklip Style Bamboo Bracelet

Accurate Form / Bonklip Style Bamboo Bracelet

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The Bong clip style bamboo bracelet planned by OUTLINE and supervised by Curious Curio has finally been completed.After spending more than two years drawing up the outline, holding repeated meetings and creating samples, we were able to create a wonderful product with great attention to detail .We are very happy that it has the design and size that we really wanted, is even more comfortable to wear, and has a luxurious feel.


■About "Bonklip"
Bonklip has been manufactured by British bracelet manufacturer "BHBritton & Sons" since the 1930s. Bamboo bracelets have a track record of being officially adopted by the British military until the early 1980s.It can be attached by simply inserting the L-shaped hook of the buckle into the gap between the links, and features a fitting system that makes it easy to fine-tune the size.Easily adapts to changes in wrist size due to physical condition.At that time, bamboo bracelets were manufactured by various bracelet manufacturers such as Gay Flare, but Bone Clip was the most comfortable to wear.


■About the design
The reason why we chose the bong clip style design is because it is comfortable to wear and has a good design.One of the reasons for a good fit is the way the links are connected, and the pieces that connect the links are joined in such a way that the links are wrapped around each other.This is something you don't often see on other bamboo bracelets, and it gives you a very smooth movement.Also, this method prevents the pieces from turning over, which is hassle-free .The spacing of links, thickness of parts, finish, etc. are as close as possible to Bonn clips.The products we sell do not include the brand name "OUTLINE".


Bamboo bracelets were manufactured by various manufacturers at the time, but the clasp closure methods and designs were all three different.In the case of a bong clip, it will be a good accent if this clasp is placed close to the watch.Also, unlike the three-fold clasp type, it gives a very classic impression.The bracelet in the photo is a long size watch with a diameter of 35 mm and a wrist size of 17 cm.Due to the structure, if the wrist size changes by 5 mm, the position of the clasp will shift by approximately 10 mm.


■About the size

The link width (width of the bracelet body) is 18mmMost bamboo bracelets at that time had link widths of 16 mm or less, and 18 mm ones were difficult to find.For a watch with a large case diameter of 35mm to 40mm, 18mm width is suitable for balance.

The mounting width is 18mm or 20mm, and the length is regular or long.

Regular size: Recommended wrist circumference 15.5cm to 17cm
Long size: Recommended wrist circumference 17cm to 18.5cm
*If your wrist circumference exceeds 18.5cm, please use the clasp to prevent it from coming off. Please wear it with just fit.

Difference in length between regular size and long size: approx. 15mm

Actual size for 18mm installation width: "17.8mm"
Actual size for 20mm installation width: "19.8mm"

■Special details

I want to give a vintage feel even to modern itemsWith this in mind, we paid close attention to the surface finish.It's basically a polished finish, but with just the right amount of polishing, it doesn't look too mirrory, giving it a finish that looks like new old stock.This makes the texture match most vintage watches


② End piece
Available in two lug widths: 20mm and 18mm.In addition, we have adjusted the depth of the spring bar notch to make it compatible with 19mm, 17mm, and 16mm watches (please note that in this case, you will need to process it yourself ).


In the case of a bon clip, simply insert an L-shaped hook into the gap between the links to fasten the clasp.This makes it easy to fine-tune the size when wearing.However, it is not completely fixed, so if you wear it too loosely on your wrist or if you wear it so that the clasp is below your wrist, it may come off due to hand movement.This product has a longer L-shaped hook than the original to prevent it from coming off as much as possible.


■Installation example

Omega 30mm caliber
Box diameter 35mm
Lug width 18mm


Garrett Flying Officer
Bezel diameter 35mm
Lug width 18mm


Eterna Chronograph Valjoux 22
Box diameter 37.5mm
Lug width 20mm


Lemania Royal Navy Submarine
Box diameter 38.5mm
Lug width 20mm

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