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ALRAN Saffian Embossed Goat Leather Strap (Black)

ALRAN Saffian Embossed Goat Leather Strap (Black)

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Saffian is a goat leather with a Saffiano embossing process produced by the French tanner ALRAN.
Saffian is made from soft, supple goat leather that has been embossed, giving it a texture that retains the natural suppleness and firmness of leather, resulting in a softer finish than the same processed cowhide material.
It is highly durable and water-resistant, and does not easily get scratched or abraded, so it does not deteriorate over time.
The lining is made of ZERMATT, a high-quality leather that is water-repellent and feels great against the skin, making it the perfect leather for belt linings.

What is Saffiano leather?
It is cowhide (calf leather) that has been embossed with a unique fine striped pattern. It is a popular leather all over the world, and is used by luxury brands as a material for bags and wallets.

Arlan was founded in 1903 in Mazamet, a small town in the south of France. The tannery has been producing high-quality goat leather for over 100 years and is considered one of the best in the world.
The beautiful grain formed by hand by skilled craftsmen and the strong, firm silver surface are loved and used by top fashion houses around the world.

Material: Alran Saffian (embossed goat leather)
   ALRAN Saffian Embossed Goat Leather
Color: black
Type: Regular
Size: 16mm (buckle width 16mm)
    17mm (buckle width 16mm)
    18mm (buckle width 16mm)
    19mm (buckle width 16mm)
    20mm (buckle width 16mm)
Length: Men's regular 12 o'clock side: about 75 mm, 6 o'clock side: about 115 mm
Thickness: Flat 2.2mm
Stitch: No. 20 thickness
Backing material:DEGERMANN ZERMATT Black
Edge: Black

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