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HAAS NOVONAPPA French calf STRAP (Dark Brown)

HAAS NOVONAPPA French calf STRAP (Dark Brown)

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"NOVONAPPA" is a French tanner "HAAS (Earth)" is a high-quality calf leather made by a famous French maison that uses this leather to make products. Novonappa is his combination tanning that contains plenty of wax, and is characterized by almost tanned leather, which slowly changes and grows over time. It is a leather that is supple and can be enjoyed as it changes over time.

[About HAAS (earth)]
A tannery founded in 1842 located in the Alsace region of France, which is rich in nature. While preserving the traditions that date back to the days of family business, we now create the highest quality leather by making full use of the latest technology provided by the large capital we own. We produce a variety of products, mainly calf leather.

Material: HAAS NOVONAPPA French calf
Color: Dark-Brown ebène
Size: 16mm (buckle width 16mm)
17mm (buckle width 16mm)
18mm (buckle width 16mm)
19mm (buckle width 16mm)
20mm (buckle width 16mm)
Length: approx. 75mm/approx. 115mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Stitch: Thickness #20 Brown
Backing material: DEGERMANN ZERMATT Natural
Edge: Black

*Leather color may vary slightly depending on the lot. Thank you for your understanding.
*The clock in the photo is not included in the product.

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Customer Reviews

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2 weeks after starting use

It has a nice texture and is very tough.
The lining is water repellent, making it easy to use even for someone like me who sweats a lot.

Thank you for your comment.
NOVONAPPA is a very high quality leather strap that is very popular among people who like leather.
The lining is made of a material that is resistant to sweat, so it is also very comfortable to use.
We hope you enjoy using it.