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Rémy Carriat GOCHOKI French Nubuck Base (Dark Brown)

Rémy Carriat GOCHOKI French Nubuck Base (Dark Brown)

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We created it with a design that doesn't make too much of an statement, with an emphasis on protecting your watch from sweat and scratches. However, the loop on the base is a nice accent, and this item is interesting even when combined with different materials and colors. Until now, pedestals have been made to order, but by offering multiple sizes like clothes, you can purchase a pedestal that perfectly fits your watch at a low price. It has the same specifications as our nubuck belts, and is available in 3 sizes: SS, S, and M, and 6 colors, so you can match it even if you buy more later.

Unlike other pedestals, this pedestal is made narrower with a loop width of 4mm to match dress watches.

Even watches made of stainless steel can rust due to sweat and dirt. Rust tends to come out especially inside the rug or in the gap between the case back and the case. Many people are hesitant to use not only snapback watches, but screwback watches when they sweat. It is also effective in preventing scratches on the case back. When storing in the watch case, you can fold it by removing the belt on the sword side from the base. By attaching this pad, we solve these problems and propose a new way to show the leather strap.

When the pad is attached, the watch will not come into direct contact with the wrist, so the feeling will be very good. It is also recommended for people who have metal allergies.

Nubuck leather made by French tanner Rémy Carriat.
We use Taurillon leather, which is luxurious, durable, supple, and has a high fiber density. It is also called Taurillon nubuck.
It is characterized by a soft texture that surpasses that of high-quality velvet, and the beautiful grain and vivid coloring give it a great presence, making it a supreme masterpiece.

Taurillon leather is a type of cowhide that also includes calfskin and cowhide.
Taurillon leather is more expensive than regular cowhide due to the rarity of the bull's calf hide, and is more durable than regular calfskin due to its toughness.
The backing material uses "ZERMATT".This is also a high-grade leather that has been treated to be water-repellent, and is very comfortable to the touch.

◆ Point of size selection
① If you do not want the pad to stand out
・Choose one size smaller than the watch size (for protection against sweat and scratches, a small pad will still work).
-It is just that the distance between the loops of the pad is 2 to 3 mm smaller than the distance from the lag to the lag of the watch (even if they overlap on the plane, they will not overlap).

② When you want to show the pad a little
・For sports watches, if you want to give the pad a little presence, select one that is the same as or slightly larger than the diameter of the watch.

*Flexibility (flexibility) may vary slightly depending on the lot.
*The color and texture of the leather may vary slightly depending on the lot.
*This leather has a good texture and is not completely colored. Please note that sweat or rain may cause discoloration. Be especially careful when wearing whitish clothes.

Material: Rémy Carriat GOCHOKI French Nubuck
Color: Dark Brown
Thickness: Flat 2.2mm
Stitch: Thickness #20 Dark Brown
Backing material:DEGERMANN ZERMATT Natural
Edge: Black

◆ Size details

SS (diameter 29mm, total length 55mm, loop distance approx. 35mm, maximum belt width 18mm)
S (Diameter 32 mm, total length 60 mm, loop spacing approx. 40 mm, maximum mounting belt width 18 mm)
M (Diameter 35 mm, total length 65 mm, loop spacing approx. 45 mm, maximum mounting belt width 20 mm)

*The maximum belt width is based on Accurate Form products (up to 2.4mm flat). If you have a thick belt, it may not be possible to attach it.
* There is a construction error of 1 to 2 mm in the loop interval.
* The loop width is 4 mm.
* The clock in the example of wearing is not included in the product.

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