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[TURGUT] NUBUCK Queen strap (Gray)

[TURGUT] NUBUCK Queen strap (Gray)

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Created using Queen from Turkish tanner TURGUT. It is made of nubuck leather called Queen. The texture and feel are very nice, and I thought it would be a perfect match if I made it as a watch strap, so I bought it.

Nubuck is made by polishing the silver side (surface) of leather with a file and giving it a finely brushed finish.
It is similar to suede, but suede has a brushed surface on the inner surface of the leather that touches the inner muscles, giving it a slightly harder feel.
The beautiful gray color shows off the texture of the nubuck surface. This belt is very comfortable to the touch, flexible and easy to use.
This gray belt has an exquisite atmosphere, so please give it a try.  

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Material: TURGUT Nubuck (Queen)
Color: Gray
Size: 18mm (buckle width 16mm)
20mm (buckle width 16mm)
Length: Approx. 75mm/Approx. 115mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Stitching: Thickness No. 20/Gray
Backing material: Turf (beige)
Edge: Black

*A watch is not included with the product.

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Atsushi Takada

[TURGUT] NUBUCK Queen strap (Gray)

Thanks for your review!!