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Accurate Form

Accurate Form / Bonklip Style Bamboo Bracelet

Accurate Form / Bonklip Style Bamboo Bracelet

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The Bonklip style bamboo bracelet planned by OUTLINE and supervised by Curious Curio has finally been completed. Over the course of more than two years with the outline, we repeated meetings and sample creation, and it became a wonderful product with attention to detail. We are very pleased to see that the design and size that we really wanted, and that are more comfortable to wear and have a luxurious feel.


■About Bonklip
 Bonklip is a bamboo bracelet manufactured by British bracelet maker "BH Briton & Sons (BHB & S)" from the 1930s. It has been officially adopted by the British Army until the early 1980s. It features a fitting system that can be easily attached by inserting an L-shaped buckle hook into the gap between the links and making fine adjustment of the size.You can easily respond to changes in wrist size due to physical condition. At that time, bamboo bracelets were manufactured by various bracelet makers such as Gay Freres, but among them, the Bonklip is the most comfortable to wear.


■About Design
The reason for choosing the Bonklip style design is the fit and good design. One of the factors for a good fit is how to connect the links. but the pieces that connect the links are joined so that the links are involved.This is a method that is not often found on other bamboo bracelets, and it makes the movement very smooth. In addition, this method does not cause the frame to turn inside out, so there is no hassle.The link spacing, parts thickness, finish, etc. are also as close as possible to the original Bonklip.


Bamboo bracelets were manufactured by various manufacturers at the time, but the clasps are held and designed in several ways. For bonklip, it looks very stunning when this clasp is closer to the watch. Also, unlike the tri-fold clasp type, it gives a very classical impression.The bracelet in the photo is a watch with a diameter of 35 mm and a wrist size of 17 cm, but a long size bracelet is attached. Due to the structure, if the wrist size changes by 5 mm, the position of the clasp will shift by about 10 mm.


■About Size

The link width (width of the bracelet) is 18 mm. Most of the bamboo bracelets at that time had a link width of 16 mm or less, and it was difficult to find one with a link width of 18 mm. A well-balanced 35mm width is suitable for large watches with a case diameter of 40mm to 18mm.

We have that the mounting width is 18 mm or 20 mm, and the length is available in regular and long.

Regular size: Recommended wrist size 15.5cm-17cm
Long size: Recommended wrist size 17 cm to 18.5 cm
* If you have a wrist size of more than 18.5 cm, please wear it with a perfect fit to prevent the clasp from coming off.

Difference in length between regular size and long size: Approximately 15mm

Actual size of mounting width 18 mm: "17.8 mm"
Actual size of mounting width 20 mm: "19.8 mm"

■ Discerning details

① Finishing
We wanted to give a vintage feel even if it is made in modern times. With that in mind, we were particular about the surface finishing. Basically, it has a polished finishing, but it doesn't give a very mirrored feel, and with moderate polishing, it looks like a new old stock.This matches the texture of most vintage watches.


② End piece
Available in two lug widths, 20 mm and 18 mm. The depth of the notch for the spring bar has been adjusted so that it can be used with 2 mm, 19 mm, and 17 mm watches (please note that you may need to process or modify it by yourself).


③ Buckle
In the case of Bonklip, the only way to stop the clasp is to insert an L-shaped hook in the gap of the link.This makes it easy to fine-tune the size when mounting. However, it is not completely fixed and may come off due to hand movements if worn too loosely against the wrist or with the clasp below the wrist. This product has a longer L-shaped hook than the original to make it as hard to come off as possible.


■ Installation example

Omega 30mm caliber
Case diameter 35mm
Rug width 18mm


Gallett Flying Officer
Bezel diameter 35mm
Rug width 18mm


Eterna Chronograph Valjoux 22
Case diameter 37.5mm
Rug width 20mm


Lemania British Navy Submarine
Case diameter 38.5mm
Rug width 20mm

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