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La Perla Azzurra ALASKA Regular (Black)

La Perla Azzurra ALASKA Regular (Black)

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We use leather called "ALASKA" made by "La Perla Azzurra", a tanner certified by the Italian Botanical Tannin Leather Association.

La Perla Azzurra is a plant extracted from France's high quality thick leather and the Argentinean-made Kepracho tree trunk, which was founded in 1967 in Santa Croce, Tuscany, Italy. It is a long-established tanner that continues to make the finest Italian leather tanned with tannins.
Alaska is a double-shoulder dyed leather that is waxed and has a shrink process in the drum.

◆ Bridle leather (wax pull) is soaked with a wax component called white bloom and oil so as to stand out on the surface. The biggest feature is that it looks different from other leathers at a glance. The appearance of the surface will change depending on how the bloom falls. When you wipe the bloom completely, the luster of the wax that has already penetrated the skin appears on the surface and becomes glossy.
For normal maintenance, wipe with a soft cloth. When brushing or wiping with a strong force, the wax rubs and disappears, becoming darker and changing to an aged look at an early stage.
* Depending on how often you use it, it will be in a fully polished state in about a month if you wear it from the non-polished state.

*Leather color and texture may vary slightly depending on the lot.
*This leather has a good texture and is not completely colored. Please note that sweat or rain may cause discoloration. Be especially careful when wearing whitish clothes.

Material: La Perla Azzurra Alaska (cowhide)
   La Perla Azzura ALASKA (Cowhide)
Type: Regular
Size: 16mm (buckle width 16mm)
    17mm (buckle width 16mm)
    18mm (buckle width 16mm)
    19mm (buckle width 16mm)
    20mm (buckle width 16mm)
Length: Men's regular 12 o'clock side: about 75 mm, 6 o'clock side: about 115 mm
Thickness: Flat 2.4mm
Stitch: Thickness 20 gray
Lining material: same material
Edge: Wax finish (transparent)

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Lorenzo Au
Love your straps

Love your straps!!!!

Thank you so much!! Please enjoy our strap!