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Tendo × Accurate Form A-MAG (magnetic shield) watch case

Tendo × Accurate Form A-MAG (magnetic shield) watch case

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Japan's leading furniture manufacturer "Tendo"A high-quality wooden watch case created in collaboration with our watch accessory brand "Accurate Form". After about a year of planning and repeated prototyping, we were finally able to create a product that we were satisfied with. This product has two types of specifications. One is “Watch & Jewelry Case”, and the other is the specially designed “A-MAG Watch Case” with magnetic shielding performance. There are two types of trees and two sizes: regular and large.
This is"A-MAG Watch Case" page.

■ History of development
There are many electronic devices around us that generate strong magnetism, such as computers and mobile phones. Vintage watches have little protection against magnetic forces. If a watch becomes magnetized, it may no longer keep accurate time and repairs may be costly and time consuming. Dealers and advanced collectors may carry a large number of watches in their bags, along with their computers and cell phones. At that time, we heard many requests for a case that protects the watch from magnetism and shock, and in order to meet these requests, we decided to develop a watch case with a magnetic shielding function. In addition, for those who do not need such specifications, we have also produced watch and jewelry cases that do not have magnetic shielding properties to keep costs down.

■ Features
・Watch case with magnetic shielding performance
A special magnetic shielding alloy is pasted on the inside to block the magnetic force generated by computers and mobile phones. Although it is not visible visually, the sides of the case (underneath the surface material) are also processed.

・Luxurious wooden exterior
Since this is a case for storing luxury items, we believe that a sense of luxury is essential, so we used precious wood veneer and paid close attention to the grain of the wood. We have prepared Claro walnut and Sapele curly wood, both of which have distinctive wood grains. The surface is coated with drip-proof matte oil to prevent water from seeping in as much as possible.

Regular size (L: Claro Walnut, R: Sapeleshrink heather

Large size (L: Claro Walnut, R: Sapeleshrink heather

・Details with a vintage feel
I used vintage-style latches and hinges, and used brass flathead screws.

・Emphasis on portability
In pursuit of ease of portability, we have reduced the weight to an extent that does not affect durability. In addition, the corners are rounded to prevent scratches as much as possible. The optimal hardness of the urethane inside is selected from several types, and the suede-like fabric has friction to prevent the watch from slipping while being carried. Comes with a stretchable cloth cover to prevent the case from being scratched inside the bag or accidentally opening. The large case also comes with a heavy canvas tote bag. It is sized to fit two large size pieces. *Regular size does not include tote bag.

□Heavy canvas tote bag (only large size is included)
*As a general rule, you cannot choose the color, but if we have it in stock, we will give you the color you want, so please let us know your preference.

・Ideal for indoor storage
The design allows for stacking, so even those who own many watches can store them compactly. It can also be stored vertically, so you can store it on a bookshelf, etc.

・Can also be used as a tray
The top and bottom lids have the same thickness, so when opened, it can also be used as a high-quality tray. The urethane inside is covered with suede-like fabric. Convenient for business negotiations and offline meetings.

・Store your watch neatly
You can store your watch neatly. Please refer to the image for the maximum number of watches that can be stored (for watches with an average diameter of 38 mm). Please note that if you store more watches than this, it will put a strain on the case and the metal fittings may break.

Regular size

large size 

■Leather pad (accessory)
This case uses urethane inside to prevent the clock from slipping. Pressure is applied from the top and bottom, so by sandwiching this pad in between, you can prevent scratches on the back cover of bracelet types and marks on the back cover of leather belts when folded. The leather is made from Charles F. Stead's high quality suede.
Three types of leather pads are available (Round L, Round S, Rectangular), and if you purchase a Large size case, you will receive 3 pieces, and if you purchase a Regular size case, you will receive 10 pieces (combination) freedom). Please select quantity when ordering.
Additionally, additional orders can be made if necessary.

17. Round L: Wrist circumference XNUMXcm or more
Maximum width 48mm Length 85mm Thickness 3mm
15. Round S: Wrist circumference XNUMXcm or more
Maximum width 48mm Length 75mm Thickness 3mm
15. Rectan: Wrist circumference XNUMXcm or more
Maximum width 36mm Length 75mm Thickness 3mm

□Additional leather pad price: 550 yen each (tax included)


■Penetrating magnetic force test
We conducted a penetration magnetic force test using a strong magnet that generates a slightly stronger magnetic force than a typical PC or mobile phone.
Magnetic force becomes weaker as the distance increases. It is said that the magnetic force of general electrical appliances will have almost no effect if placed at least 10 cm away. In this measurement, we took it at a position 2 cm away from the strong magnet.
*Numbers may vary slightly for each measurement.

・Uses equipment that measures electromagnetic waves (above the display) and magnetic force (below the display)
*VPP mode to measure maximum value
*Unit: mG (milligauss)

□Measurement with “Watch & Jewelry Case” (no magnetic shielding performance)
It can be said that the magnetic force almost penetrates through it. Even if you insert a mobile phone, which has a relatively weak magnetic force, into the cell phone and measure it, the magnetic force will still penetrate.

□Measurement with “A-MAG Watch Case (ANTI-MAGNETIC Watch Case)” (with magnetic shielding performance)
The measured value in several test results was 0. 

Model: A-MAG (magnetic shield) watch case
Exterior: ① Claro walnut (veneer)
  :②Sapele heather (veneer)
*Splash-proof matte oil finish
Interior: Suede-like fabric (interior: urethane)
*Inner magnetic shield special alloy 50 micron 2 sheets pasted
*External dimensions:278mm x 198mm x 40mm (regular), 388mm x 278mm x 40mm (large)
※Inside dimension:260mm × 180mm × 30mm(regular), 370mm x 260mm x 30mm(large)
重量:680g(Regular), 1210g(large)
Metal fittings: Steel vintage plating (brass slotted screw)
Country of production: Japan

■ 注意 事項
・As the exterior is made of natural wood, there are individual differences in grain.
- Please note that if the watch is subjected to a strong impact, the case may break or the watch inside may move.
・We recommend periodic inspection of the metal fittings as they may become defective if used over and over again. Malfunctioning metal fittings will be replaced (charges apply for cases other than initial defects).
・Do not insert items with a total thickness exceeding 25 mm.
・Our company and Tendo Mokko Co., Ltd. will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur when using this product, unless there is intentional or gross negligence on our part or Tendo Mokko Co., Ltd.

■Planning, design, and manufacturing
Planning/Design: Accurate Form (Curios Curio Co., Ltd.)
Manufacturer: Tendo Mokko Co., Ltd.

*Coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing this product. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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