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JAPANESE COWHIDE LEATHER for Apple Watch (Dark brown)

JAPANESE COWHIDE LEATHER for Apple Watch (Dark brown)

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We made it as a strap for Apple Watch using Japan domestic glossy Nume=Oiled cow leather steer that has already been developed for our lineup. Oiled leather is very supple to wear. The stitch is a fine thread sewn to the limit with a fine pitch, box stitch, warrior finish and vintage details are reproduced. The edge is polished with wax and has excellent taste and durability. As the strap is semi-glossy, you've never seen this unprecedented taste for Apple watch.
Your Apple Watch just looks better , making it a perfect companion for everyday use and business.

*Please note that the metal fittings and buckle are not genuine Apple parts.
*Leather color and texture may vary slightly depending on the lot.
*This leather has a good texture and is not completely colored. Please note that sweat or rain may cause discoloration. Be especially careful when wearing whitish clothes.

◆Choice of metal fittings and buckle
The metal fittings and the buckle are plated and you can choose from the following.
The buckle is mirror-finished, and the side part of the mounting bracket is also mirror-finished.

① Black
② silver
③ gold
④ Rose gold

※Please specify when ordering.


Material: Cowhide (Stair with glossy oily leather)
Color: Dark Brown (DARK BROWN)
Type: For Apple Watch
対応機種:Series 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, Ultra 1/2(42mm,44mm,45mm,49mm)
Belt size: 22mm (buckle width 18mm)

Length: Men's regular 12 o'clock side: about 75 mm, 6 o'clock side: about 115 mm
Thickness: Flat 2.4mm
Stitch: Thickness 30 Same color light brown (No.123)
Lining material: same material
Edge: Polished wax (black)

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