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JAPANESE Pigskin Leather Strap (Brown)

JAPANESE Pigskin Leather Strap (Brown)

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Made from pigskin, which is a perfect match for vintage watches.
The unique expression and texture are very atmospheric.
In order to create a vintage feel, the front and back materials are finished with the same tailoring.
The stitches are enclosed with a fine pitch.

*Leather color and texture may vary slightly depending on the lot.

The pad for BUND strap in the same material .

Material: Pigskin
Japanese Pigskin Leather

Color: Brown
Type: Regular
Size:14mm (buckle width 14mm)
    15mm (buckle width 14mm)
               16mm (buckle width 16mm)
    17mm (buckle width 16mm)
    18mm (buckle width 16mm)
    19mm (buckle width 16mm)
    20mm (buckle width 16mm)
Length: about 75mm/about 115mm
Thickness: 2.2 mm
A stitch: Thickness 20 (light brown)
Lining material: pigskin (brown)
Edge: Dark brown

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