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This product does not include watch straps. Watch straps are sold separately.

Focused on protecting the watch from sweat and scratches, it was created with simplicity and functionality.However,BUND strap has a good accent, and it is interesting to combine different materials and colors. By developing multiple sizes like clothes, now you can purchase a pad for BUND strap that fits your watch at a low price. It has the same specifications as our regular straps, and it comes in several major colors as well as size, so you can match it even if you buy later.

Even watches made of stainless steel can rust due to sweat and dirt. Rust tends to come out especially inside the rug or in the gap between the case back and the case. Many people are hesitant to use not only snapback watches, but screwback watches when they sweat. It is also effective in preventing scratches on the case back. When storing in the watch case, you can fold it by removing the belt on the sword side from the base. By attaching this pad, we solve these problems and propose a new way to show the leather strap.

When the pad is attached, the watch will not come into direct contact with the wrist, so the feeling will be very good. It is also recommended for people who have metal allergies.

Created with domestic shiny Nume cowhide steer. Oil leather. It's a perfect match for vintage watches, as it goes well with vintage and is semi-glossy. The stitch is a fine thread sewn to the limit with a fine pitch, box stitch, warrior finish and vintage details are reproduced. The edge is polished with wax and has excellent taste and durability. Even though it still has a vintage feel, it is the best leather that you can enjoy as you use it. The stitches are of the same color and are a little lighter than leather.

*Leather color and texture may vary slightly depending on the lot.

◆ Point of size selection
① If you do not want the pad to stand out
・Choose one size smaller than the watch size (for protection against sweat and scratches, a small pad will still work).
-It is just that the distance between the loops of the pad is 2 to 3 mm smaller than the distance from the lag to the lag of the watch (even if they overlap on the plane, they will not overlap).

② When you want to show the pad a little
・For sports watches, if you want to give the pad a little presence, select one that is the same as or slightly larger than the diameter of the watch.

Material: Cowhide (Stair with glossy oily leather)
Thickness: Flat 2.0mm
Stitch: No. 30 thickness (light brown)
Lining material: same material
Edge: Wax polish finish

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The texture of the leather is very good.

I purchased the S size which is perfect for the case diameter of 32mm.
The small watch has a little more volume and better balance.
The watch is not waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it even when the sweaty season starts.
The leather looked good and I was very satisfied.

Thank you for your review. As you said, the pedestal is a highly recommended accessory for the coming sweaty season. It's comfortable to wear, and the volume can be increased, so I think it's an advantage that your watch will feel different than usual. We would appreciate it if you could use it with your favorite watch.

Daisuke Kuji


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